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This is the start page for the Aeroponics Project. The goal for the project is to identify the benefits of aeroponics, the solutions that aeroponics can provide for areas with food shortages, lack of water resources, or bad soil. The project will focus on locally based resources so people in remote areas do not need access to ebay to get components or chemicals in order for this solution to be feasible.


Metrics - Need someone to fill in how much food feeds one person, statistics on community sizes, etc in order for us to determine how large a solution needs to be in order to be successful.

Education - Need someone to create or find some educational writings that teach people how aeroponics works as well as the benefits

Plans - Need someone to create easy plans for various sized solutions. John Tsangaris is working on this one currently.

d Members[]

John Tsangaris

Nick Heyming