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Volcanic ash from Eyjafjallajokull largely prevented air travel around Europe for a few days in mid-April.

Lots of people were stuck abroad, some still are.

Lots of perishable produce which would have been airfreighted was stuck in the country of origin and in some cases wasted.

There are at least two ways EVOKE folks could make a difference in that kind of situation. Some ideas in blog posts on the main EVOKE site 1 2.

=1. Diverting perishable produce, new jobs[]

Reports of the situation in Kenya, where exporting horticultural produce is a major avenue for getting international money. [blog post based on report from Guardian.]

More coverage from BBC, video from a rose factory, where non-exportable flowers are being turned into compost.

Apparently the horticulture industry needs a lot of reorganizing anyway - I hear there is striking drop in water levels in Lake Naivasha as the horticulture industry is taking out much more than nature is feeding in (personal report from a friend/eyewitness). So this is a good challenge for water security folks as well!

=2. Networking stranded travellers[]

Facebook group: When Volcanoes Erupt: Facebook Group: Guide for stranded travelers

For Rides: Roadsharing

Loding and Rides: Get Me Home

Another web page for the stranded: Volcano Help

Another facebook page for Europeans stranded: Gathering Under the Ash Cloud

Twitter hashtags: #ashtag, #getmehome, #putmeup, #volcano

Crisis Mappers (Not specific to volcano problems but much useful information): Crisis Mappers

Advice from British Foreigh Office: 'Help for British Nationals stranded abroad'.

A creative challenge if you are stranded: "This is an open call to designers, writers, photographers, illustrators, art directors and anyone else who is stranded by the ash cloud, and would like something to do." Andrew Losowsky is proposing to make a magazine and wants contributors, editors, anything - the only criterion is you have to be unintentionally stranded somewhere!

Could people with useful skills be matched up with opportunities to volunteer? For example teachers and doctors? We could start collecting resources networking stranded travellers.