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This is a page listing the characters of the EVOKE comic.

Network agents[]


The man behind the Network, Alchemy is based in a high-tech lair in Dakar, Senegal where he receives and dispatches EVOKEs from nations in need to the agents best-suited to respond to the situation. He also acts as the voice and (albeit virtual) face of the Network, explaining leaders and officials how the Network works and what it requires from them.


Agent codename Ember is a middle-aged woman teaching at the University of Leghon in Ghana. She's the first agent to be called upon by Alchemy after Tokyo sends out EVOKE #001285. She can be seen taking pictures and collecting information from Tokyo inhabitants.


This young woman stationed in Bo-Kaap, Cape Town is the second to be contacted by Alchemy for Tokyo EVOKE #001285. She is first seen in a high-tech workshop, then in Tokyo monitoring the comings and goings of freight ships and containers as well as data on various touchpad devices.


Quinn is a middle-aged man first seen working in the Great Rift Valley area in Kenya at the Happiness Honey Collective, perusing data regarding Tokyo EVOKE #001285 while discussing the economical and ecological implication of the Network's involvement with the Tokyo famine. He can be seen later taking samples of soil and (presumable) air in Tokyo.

Tokyo officials[]

The Tokyo governor[]

The Tokyo governor's assistant[]