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This page is dedicated to information and best practices on Evoke Guilds


An idea suggested by Raymond M. Kristiansen in the post "Evoke's First Guild" This idea was discussed further in Nick Heyming post "Guilds" and the idea for a Community of Practice Guild was then presented by Amos Meeks in his post "Maker's Guild" and Caroline Meeks in her post "Education Guild".

guilds are inspired by their prevalence almost all online games (of which, Ultimate Online being the most epic) and by the desire for more formalized and structured networks of collaboration on EVOKE.

Active Guilds[]


Maker's Guild

The Education Guild is going to team up with Calling All Teachers

Best Practices[]

Raymond also suggests reviewing the wikipedia article on Communities of Practice, a powerful concept for organizaing groups of people in-game and in the real world.