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Operation Objectives==

To create a network of self reliant eco villages in Africa. The villages would function as training and distribution centers, as well as platforms for further efforts in these regions. Intitially the villages would be run by EVOKE agents, the goal however is to train the local Africans to build, maintain, and sustain the villages. The plan is broken down into 6 stages. At this point the stages are very loose and members are encouraged to add and edit.

The Plan[]

SEED(def): A group of well organized, well prepared and well equipped, Evoke agents and other specialists who would be dropped into Africa to set up EcoVillages.

STAGE 1: Create a base camp in North America which would function as HQ and logistics. Here agents would manage and track the progress of the villages, and prepare, train and organize agents into SEEDS. On the logistics side HQ would handle PR, and financing, and telecommunications

STAGE 2: The first wave of SEEDS(10-15 agents each) hit the ground at ten different locations each 50(or more) miles away from one another. Agents begin immediately to set up individual base camps, and housing, using materials that they brought. Once complete the agents will inform HQ of their success. The base camp would consist of a small structure most likely a military surplus structure that could be flown in and set up on site, and a self-sustainable farm that in time could produce enough to feed the agents. I don't know if this is even possible but ideally the farm would take between one and four months to establish.

STAGE 3: The second wave of SEEDS(20-30 agents each) join the effort. Once the foundation of the SEEDS has been laid the native populations are invited to start taking control, by building houses, schools, and increasing the size of the farms. Creating work shops for tech manufacturing. Natives will work along side Evoke agents and will not be treated like labor but instead invited to join in the creative problem solving. Evoke agents will learn from the natives and vice versa and the villages will grow. The idea is build, maintain, sustain



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